Tangled In Yarn & Covered In Glitter

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


The friend(?) I was am making the blanket for had her baby on July 28. Little (not-so, really, 9lb 3oz!) boy named James Matthew.

And I say am-not-was on the blanket...

because my friend found the bag the knitting was in. It had been moved from her car to her garage without her knowing. So I only have 52 more rows to go. Yay(?)

In other news: I have new teeth. They are very white and make me look like an oompa loompa. I think I like them, but I'm not sure yet.

They look too big and horsey and far, far too white for me. It's wierd.

(My teeth were yellow and crumbling. Bad genetics + Years of poor orthodontia + Severe Phobia of dentists = teeth that looked like a 62 year old crack addict bulimic. In a 25 year old mouth.)

Anyhoo. Time to get re-crackin on that blanket.


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