Tangled In Yarn & Covered In Glitter

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


I've only finished the thing for my secret pal and a wristband for my roommate since the last time I posted.

Stupid school eating away my free time when I'd much rather be knitting!

I went to the coast yesterday with aforementioned roommate. It was a lovely getaway. Driving back through Petaluma, I gasped with glee upon spying a f'n BILLBOARD announcing a brand new yarn store! I slammed on my breaks to write down the address, only to be informed by Dave that it was almost 7pm. Alas, the hours of business as listed on the board were 10-6. Dag.

It's okay. I didn't have ANY money on me. And it's just another reason for me to go back to the coast (to add on top of my 2457 others :D )

Thursday, August 19, 2004

A Lesson In Subject-Bouncing

I found such a fun site! MLM Inspirations has some really cute patterns; easy too! I'm making my secret pal something and have added a few more to the list of Things People Are Getting For Christmas And Birthdays Around That Time.

If those of you stateside of my lovely and sweet readers would be so kind? Please go here, register and do one of the offer deals. It's for a free iPod, which I would absolutely die for but am incredibly broke (and seeing as how I'm *still* unemployed, will remain so) and can't afford right now. A friend got enough referrals and got hers in the mail this week.


Here's my answers the latest round of questions from the ever-lovely coordinators, just for you *mwah*:

What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? Anything that's soft and not scratchy. That's the only problem I have with making the sophies; wool kills my hands!

What is/are your current knitting obsession/s? I have one pair of bamboo needles, size 10 1/2, that I have a love affair with. They're so wonderful to work with!

What is/are your favorite item/s to knit? Simple patterns. I'm still pretty new!

What are you knitting right now? A sophie bag and a shawl for my mom, a big bad baby blanket (Stitch n Bitch) for a sort-of-friend (I'm sure you've seen the previous entries) and a wee item for my secret pal.

What do you think about ponchos? >_< *insert gagging noises here*

Do you prefer straight or circular needles? It really depends on what I'm working on!

How did you learn to knit? I'd gone with my mom to my grandmother's to do some maintenance work, even though I had a nasty headcold. After about 30 minutes, I could hardly breathe, so I went inside to have some tea. My grandmother was working on a sweater for my cousin and I asked her to teach me!

How old is your oldest UFO? My mom's shawl. It's been started, put aside, frogged and re-started about five times... since last November!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


The friend(?) I was am making the blanket for had her baby on July 28. Little (not-so, really, 9lb 3oz!) boy named James Matthew.

And I say am-not-was on the blanket...

because my friend found the bag the knitting was in. It had been moved from her car to her garage without her knowing. So I only have 52 more rows to go. Yay(?)

In other news: I have new teeth. They are very white and make me look like an oompa loompa. I think I like them, but I'm not sure yet.

They look too big and horsey and far, far too white for me. It's wierd.

(My teeth were yellow and crumbling. Bad genetics + Years of poor orthodontia + Severe Phobia of dentists = teeth that looked like a 62 year old crack addict bulimic. In a 25 year old mouth.)

Anyhoo. Time to get re-crackin on that blanket.