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Friday, July 30, 2004


The baby blanket I was working on?

Gone. Left it in a friend's car, car got broken into, bag with knitting was one of the things grabbed.

*deep, pained sigh*

It's a wierd situation. One one hand, I'm extremely pissed because I've busted my ass working on that thing and had *finally* gotten past the halfway point. On the other, however, I'm relieved. The mother of the baby it was being made for has esentially abandoned all of her friends, never returning phone calls, only contacting us when a gift was in it for her. (Example: My birthday is three days before Christmas, I tried and tried to get in touch because I wanted to go out for coffee on my birthday. Nothing. No calls, only thing I heard from her was her form letter Christmas card. Not two months later, though, I got a invite to her baby shower with a list of places where's she's registered.)

So it's a pain because of the work lost, but now I don't have to dread working on it any more.



I got my Secret Pal! (No, that's not her.) I love swaps and secret pals and stuff. They're so fun!


My *grandmother* wants me to make her a Sophie. I love it. :D


  • Hi, Jae!
    I'm sorry about your lost blanket. I know how hard you've work on it. I'm making a blanket for my boyfriend and it's not fun at all. He wants it 6x8 ft. I only have 3x1 ft.

    I'm sorry about your friend, too!
    Cheer up, though! You deserve better friends!

    Have a fun day!

    By Blogger Nancy, at August 3, 2004 at 9:05 PM  

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