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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

sweetness on many levels.

I won a swank little ebay auction...


*insert cheeseball grin here*

Anyone who knows me can verify that I am a total vintage whore. LOVE the stuff. It just tickles me pink that I'll get to play with these soon. Hee!


The cat-children have been fascinated by my knitting.

Pixie followed me outside to chew on my yarn.

I'm adorable.  Love me.

Then when I went back indoors, Alistair threatened me. Can you believe him?

Knit me a 'nip mouse or the circulars get it!


Now, as promised, pictures of the blanket.

So *that's* what 126 stitches looks like...


I couldn't get a decent colour representation anywhere I went. The yarn is Caron Dazzleaire in frost mint, which is this lovely, pale, gender-neutral green. The pattern is the Big Bad Baby Blanket from Stitch and Bitch. It's easy to work once you get in the groove. I'm utilizing stitch markers because I'd forget where to switch stiches otherwise. Yay!


I also made a trek to a LYS (which claims to have a website but it's not pulling up, hmm) called Rumplestiltskin and picked up supplies for this lovely tank from elann.com that I'm making for one of my best friends for her birthday. Unfortunately, they didn't have the yarn suggested (Boo!) and they suggested an alternate of Skacel's Ocean in color 10060.

It's an absolutely GORGEOUS mix of greens, all mossy and seafoamy and cream. It's also knitting up really well. I think I'll have to go back and get the lavender to make one of these for myself.


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