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Monday, June 07, 2004

lots of knitting and lack of batteries

I'm just about to the point on Jen's tank to start the decrease for the armholes. I'm kinda nervous because it's the first time I've ever done shaping on a decrease; I've only ever done a simple YO increase before. Eeep! It's knit up so prettily, though. I love the yarn. Soft and fuzzy. Hee!

I got my vintage Canadian knitting books in the mail today! Hooray! Here's the link if you don't remember my cooing over them previously. :D They have so many swank patterns. My measurements work out somewhere between an 18 and 20 year (Wierd. Sizes by age and not straight measurements.) so I'll have to make a few calls to Gramma (ooo, maybe a visit? <3 ) to see how I can make the pattern bigger for my nefarious purposes.

I'd have pictures of the knitting progress, but a severe shortage of funds for living has made me use the batteries in my digicam for ebay auctions. They're on the list of things to buy. :)


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