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Friday, June 25, 2004

Fun times.

I won This auction, which will be lots of hexmas and late-in-year birthday presents. :) Hooray! Since the seller is in Sacramento, we'll be meeting in a public place to forgo all the horrors of the post and the paypal. Yay! Things like that are The Fun.

There was a stitch n bitch last night. I went and worked on the baby blanket, as mentioned in the post I made around 1:00a last night. It's getting big. Damn. I still don't understand how someone could - sanely, anyway - make a baby blanket out of hand-fooken-painted merino wool! That's just begging for exploding diapers and projectile spitup.

Also: I'm trying to get a free iPod so if you wouldn't mind horribly, please click here, sign up and do one of the little tasky things. I know it's silly and pointless but I really want one and am very broke, due to bills and yarn. I don't do things like this. Usually. But I really really want an iPod. <3

Time to gather my knitting and skeedaddle off to work.


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