Tangled In Yarn & Covered In Glitter

Monday, May 31, 2004

Awww, yea.

It's finished.

I finished the shawl.

The one I promised Dave for his mom for Christmas Mother's Day his mom's birthday.

It's soft and squishy and purple and was a total pain in the ass to knit due to the TOTAL INCOMPATIBILITY of the yarn and the needles. So I totally cheated and stopped after 85 stitches per row instead of going up to 143.

This makes for a much shorter shawl.

I made up for it with lots of fringe. :D

(ph34r the red-eye, yo.)

It's amazing what I can do when I get hopped up on caffiene at 11.30 at night.

Yes. 11.30 at night. I was up all night fighting with this thing. That's the sun coming up in the window behind me. It's eight minutes until 6am by my clock, and I'm still awake.

This does not bode well for my Memorial Day.


It was knit in Lion brand Homespun in Baroque. Gorgeous, soft, squishy yarn... which for me unravels and frays and bunches and just Does.Not.Cooperate. Especially when using cheap ass circulars. You get the quality you pay for, I guess.

But it's done. Truly, actually, honest-to-god done. Simplest pattern in the world.

I think I'll make another one. For me. I'll just use different yarn.

Sunday, May 30, 2004


I was looking at the patterns on knitty.com for something to put off the blanket and shawl with.

I started crying.

I'm never going to be able to knit my dad something. My grandma - the one who taught me how to knit - made him a fun hat, or a sweater, or SOMETHING every year for his birthday and Christmas.

But I asked her to teach me too late.

I'd love to make my dad a lopsided stocking cap, or a badly-blocked sweater. Because I know that he'd love whatever it was to death, simply because I made them.

But it's too late.

July will be two years since he died.

I'm gonna go work on that baby blanket and not think about it.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Stormy night

I love me some lightning storms, yessiree.

So the second stitch n bitch was tonight and I actually went. Which was nice. Crafty folk taking over corners of cafes, etc. are always good. I got quite a few rows done on the blanket, and was humming along quite nicely until the very end...

when I missed a stitch and watched it unravel. UGH!

I have yet to fix it. It's not going to be hard, it's just SUCH a pain in the ass to deal with.

I think I'll pound out more length on the shawl tomorrow. Give the blanket a rest.

Pictures of both forthcoming, I swear.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Coming soon...

It looks like I'll finally be able to keep track of all the crafty projects I'm working on at any given point in time.


I have to take pictures of what I'm working on at the moment (you can see a list over there to the left right.), with names and colors of yarn and where i got the patterns, etc.

I WILL BE ORGANIZED FOR ONCE! *waves fists dramatically*

But now, to save the stitches I dropped when I was working on the blanket earlier. OOPS!